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Window replacement

There is a lot to learn when it comes to window replacement and you are already seeing all sorts of technical terms, tons of products and different installation methods. 

We can help!

First, let us help you with the different types of windows and how they are installed so you can make a decision if now is the time to replace your old windows and what your options are. First, lets walk through the steps to prepare for this type of project. 

Phase 1: Planning for Window Replacement

Ever heard the term “the envelope”? This is a common terms we trades’folk use in regard to the core materials used throughout a home like; windows, doors, roofing and siding materials. 

We all know buying new tires for a car isn’t the most exciting purchase and windows may seem to feel similar. But when you consider the value it adds to your home, the increased energy efficiency and how amazing it will look when completed, we see the exact opposite reaction of our clients once we complete the project. 

Here are a few articles that will help you understand 5 signs your windows need replacement as well as a consumer reports article on the different types of replacements windows.

Now that we have addressed two major factors in the process, next up is how to properly budget. The good news is, Kovacs Construction provides free estimates with no pressure to buy as well as one-year, zero interest financing. We will help you understand when pricing is more flexible based on availability, seasonal pricing fluctuations and the best time to schedule a project like this.

What are the Different options for Window Installations?

As we mentioned above, windows come in all shapes, styles, materials and sizes. One you have likely heard used is the double-hung window which includes the frame, a movable sash to hold the glass, hardware and both interior and exterior trim.  If you would like to learn more about single and double-hung windows, check out this Andersen article, read here.

Another key factor to consider is that there are multiple ways to replace windows, full-frame and insert replacement. 

Why will you benefit from knowing the differences of full-frame and insert windows? Well, each has it’s own benefit, but mosts importantly, certain conditions of your home will help determine which is the best solution for your project. 

The fact that Kovacs Construction is  a licensed, insured professional window installer versus a “handy man”, “a friend who has power tools” will help you identify whether the window frame is in proper shape, structurally sound, sash functions and current status of the old glass in regard to energy efficiency. 

Connecticut Full Frame Replacement Window

Full-frame window replacement is a more involved process and what will determine if this is the best course of action is the following; what is the condition of the existing wood in the window frame (including casing, trim, or sill), is it rotted and or does have existing water damage. Older homes often have existing windows that are out of square (the windows that no longer work/open) and this yet another reason when full frame is a must.

Kovacs Construction has the experience of removing the old window frame including the upper and lower sash, window stops, trim, casing and sill leaving what is called the “rough opening”.  Once the window is completely removed, we then install an entirely new, self-contained window which is secured to the studs. The final step involves installing trim, selecting paint or stain and enjoying a crisp, clean, clear and efficient window. 

Insert Replacement Window

The primary difference between insert and a full-frame replacement is that the frame is in great condition and all that is required is replacing the sashes which are installed within the existing frame and there is no need to touch the interior or exterior trim.

It is extremely important that you have a licensed professional window installer to determine if the existing frame has no rot, no water damage and that the existing frame is properly square. In addition and often overlooked, ensure that the existing frame has proper insulation. If your home/windows meet these requirements, insert replacements are an option for you. 

Lastly, regardless of your decision to select full frame or inserts, you are increasing the value of your home, enhancing curb appeal, comfort and energy efficient. 

Having a LICENSED, INSURED, Professional window installer is a must

At Kovacs Construction, we provide free estimates, no pressure to buy, zero percent financing options and most importantly, we help guide you through your options, stages of the project and we help maximize your budget.

Our goal is to make you feel like family and to have you refer us to other projects because you are happy with our work.

When you are ready to chat about your window replacement project, please contact us for next steps.