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Hiring A CT Roofing Contractor

So, you recently discovered that your roof is in need of repair and suddenly have an urgent item on your to do list. First and foremost, do not wait, it will only get worse and expenses will increase significantly as other damages may occur. With that said, do not rush in hiring a contractor and make sure you feel 100% comfortable with your decision. We have provided a few tips that will help you find a reliable contractor.

Find a Licensed and Insured Roofing Contractor in Connecticut

Before you begin getting quotes, ask these simple questions and if they are unable to provide you with the information, cross them off and move along to the next candidate. It is imperative that they meet the following qualifications:

  • Licensed roofing contractor in Connecticut.
  • Has local roofing experience.
  • Licensed and Insured.
  • Can provide you with local references including phone numbers.
  • Provides a written estimate and a contract.

Making sure that you have checked off the above will ensure you find a reliable Connecticut roofing contractor. If the contractor has done work in or around your town means that they care about their reputation. Being licensed and insured means you are protected if something is to go wrong.

What is a General Contractor

A general contractor is a company that specializes in a wide range of home improvement projects. For exampnle, if you end up finding out that other areas of the house need repair, the general contractor will have a resource available to attend to the repair. Whether it be windows, doors, decks or gutters, a contractor will have the right people available to assist.

CT Independent Roofing Contractor

An independent roofing contractor usually has a smaller team, however will be less expensive than a larger company, however may have a limited choice of materials. In some cases, the project may take a bit longer due to fewer people working on the project.

Questions To Ask A Roofing Contractor

The best way to finding the right roofing contractor is to call them or fill out a contact form on their website. See how long it takes them to respond, ask all of the questions above and get a feel for how they treat you.

If the company and or representative was able to check all of the boxes above, the questions below will enable you to weed out the amateurs and allow you to feel confident in selecting the right Connecticut Roofing Contractor. Here are some questions to ask the roofing contractor.

  • What types of roofing materials do you work with?
  • Do you have a team?
  • Where is your office?
  • Do you have a license to do roofing work in Connecticut?
  • Are you insured?
  • Do you work with homeowners insurance if there is an insurance claim?
  • Do you offer free inspections?
  • Do you provide a written estimate?
  • What type of warranty do you offer?
  • How do you remove the old roofing and construction materials?
  • What is your billing process? What is the payment schedule?
  • Do you accept credit cards?
  • Do you offer financing?

Roofing Contractor in Plymouth CT

If you are uncertain where to begin, call Kovacs Construction in Plymouth CT to get your roofing project started. We are a family owned business and treat our customers like family.

  • Free estimates with no pressure to buy today
  • Licensed, Insured, and Trusted since 2017
  • Full service construction from under the ground to the top of the roof
  • A fair price the first time with no tricks or gimmicks

Call us now at 1-860-506-6117 and we will take great care of you and your home.